When I run "Rember", It gives me an error message about memory locking


When I run "Rember", It gives me an error message: 

Attempting memory lock... WARNING: Testing with unlocked memory may be slower and less reliable
ERROR: Memory lock failed - reason unknown.

What does this mean, and what should I do?


The error message is stating that the machine cannot "lock" the memory (which allows for faster and more precise testing). By default, Mac OS X v.10.6 will boot with a 32-bit kernel (with some exceptions). Because the kernel uses a 32-bit architecture, the software cannot lock more than 4 GB of RAM for testing.

To avoid this warning, you can boot the computer with a 64-bit kernel (if you're running 10.6 on a 64-bit capable architecture) by holding down the "6" and "4" keys on the keyboard while starting up.

Mac OS and OS X versions 10.7.x and higher boot a 64-bit kernel by default, and are not affected by this issue

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