What is FishCount and what does it do?


What is FishCount and what does it do?


FishCount is the premier tool for mobile tracking of fish species throughout the Columbia River system in Oregon and Washington. FishCount makes it easy to quickly check the ladder counts and stocking reports. Capture photos of free Coho, Chinook, Steelhead, Sockeye, and a lot of Shad as they return to spawn throughout the Northwest.

Whether you're a determined angler or an overzealous fish fanatic, you'll find that navigating the daily counts is as easy as picking up your phone. Several info tabs display dam information, stocking dates, ladder counts, fish passage camera, and more.

Use the fish cam to watch several different seasonal runs, and capture images of to your photo library. Share your catch with friends, locate the lake that's been stocked most recently, and follow the run upstream. With this app, you'll never miss the 'big-one' again!


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